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[Album] Krucifix Kricc – Tha Untouchable Rebellion


크루시픽스 크릭(Krucifix Kricc) – Tha Untouchable Rebellion
Release date: 2000.03
Genre: Rap/ Hip-hop
Bit rate: 320kbps
‘Yelond’ requested. I’ll upload the rest of your request later.
special thanks to [email protected] for this old album.

1. Can U Feel It ? (Part.1)
2. Kriccticalizmm
3. If You Got Enuff Luv 4 Hip-Hop
4. How High School (Remix)
5. So Bad (Krucifix Remix)
6. Struggle 4 Survive
7. Steppin’ On Tha Second Floor
8. End Of Dayz (Krucifix Remix)
9. Long-Awaited Coming
10. Untouchable Klamahh
11. To Kricc…


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