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How to purchase money on Mnet


Before you start on your quest to make an account and/or purchase money, remember to:

Use Internet Explorer

Any questions regarding how to purchase money on Mnet, feel free to ask. I’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

To sign up for Mnet you can go here

To purchase money on Mnet (if you already have an account):

now, to find the artist of the single/album you want to purchase/download:

Before you can download, you need to install the application/program “Quick Manager.” (Please enable pop-ups for this part if not already)

Afterwards, the songs will start downloading (up at the top you can see its progress. I’ll try and make a capture of that when I download my next songs.)

credits: Mardi @ mardi09.wordpress.com and/or kpopexplorer.wordpress.com
Please link back to this blog or my blog (mardi09.wordpress.com) if you are to use this tutorial elsewhere.

By the way, does anyone know how to get a coupon to download? I know that some people are able to download songs for free and I’m just wondering how they can do that. XD

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    • I don't think it matters what kind of card you have. All cards have the 12 digits and the expiration date and that's all that they ask for. But I'm not sure either because I used a Visa card. You can try…

  1. Mnet offers a monthly subscription service wherein you can get up to 150 downloads for 11000 KRW, but it's only available to Korean residents, because they only accept Korean credit cards or bill through Korean mobile and landline phone accounts. General credits for per-track purchases allow several other billing methods, including "해외신용카드" – "haewe shin-yong kadeu", or "foreign credit card". Also, the cessation of the monthly subscription requires calling a call center in Korea. If you don't work well in Korean, that might be a bit daunting.

    If you'd like to actually be able to halfway read the song titles, you have to set your Windows language to Korean. This will ask you to log out and log back in again. Setting your Windows language to Korean will also allow Mnet.com to be correctly viewed, since they use a lot of Flash, and the Flash plug-in must be running in a Korean environment to show Korean text.

  2. Did they don't accept foreign credit card? Because the payment page looks different now. When the visa page pop-up, I can't read (it came up with square box letter, not Korean). And there is drop down box that I guess we have to choose which kind of visa we use.

    I can't buy anything.


    • They still accept foreign credit card. If you could screen capture how the page looks like, I can see what's the problem.

  3. Why don't they make an ENGLISH WEBSITE so me and many other can post it on internet while we promote the artist? so ppl can download it n support the artist, why haven't they think of that?

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