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[Mini Album] TBNY – Prosack (ft. Epik High, Lyn)


티비엔와이 (TBNY) – Prosack (EP)
Released: 2006.12.13
Genre: Rap/ Hip-hop
Bit rate: 192kbps
SG requested.
Can’t find the bigger cover -.- Listen to TBNY’s hip-hop if you’ve not heard before.
It was rated 4.6/5 on dosirak.

01 Prosack (intro)
02 메멘토.mp3
03 You
04 파이 (feat. Lyn)
05 유서 (Feat. 에픽하이).mp3
06 어느날
07 Illusion (feat.T)
08 Natural (outro)


  1. TBNY doesn't exist anymore
    Topbob is in a band called 2wins with Bumkey who sings the babo song with EPik High.
    The will release an album this summer.

    • Really?!! I hope that is not true!! I wanted them to release Side B of their 2nd album!!! I've been searching on daum, and I've been getting mixed information. But yeah, I read something about the 2wins that you're talking about!! No!!!

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