Shin Hye Sung – A Better Tomorrow OST Part.1

무적자 OST - Part.1 Release date: 2010.09.07 Genre: OST Bit rate: 320kbps 01 Timeless Memory 02 Timeless Memory (MR) MF

[Digital Single] Taesabiae – 사랑해 저 빛처럼 꺼지지 않게

Taesabiae - 사랑해 저 빛처럼 꺼지지 않게 Release date: 2010.09.07 Genre:Ballad Bit rate: 320kbps 01 사랑해 저 빛처럼 꺼지지 않게 (Duet. 드림걸스 & C-Boy) 02 첫사랑 (Duet. Baby-G) MF

[Mini Album] Trax – Oh! My Goddess

트랙스(Trax) - 오! 나의 여신님 Release date: 2010.09.06 Genre: Pop Rock Bit rate: 320kbps 01 오! 나의 여신님 02 Let's Play 03 자기야 (Jagiyah) 04 Rush 05 없는 사람 (Everlasting Story) 06 태양의...

[Single] SeeYa – Baby Brown

씨야 - 안영민 (Baby Brown) Release date: 2010.09.06 Genre: Ballad Bit rate: 320kbps Rate (Mel0n): 4.6/5 (296 votes) Please comment if you download ^^ 01. 미쳤나봐 MF | 115

SBS Inkigayo 100905

SBS Inkigayo (2010.09.05) UPDATED FULL SHOW 360p & 1080i ^^ Please comment if you download one of these ^^ CUTs : 1080i 100905.SBS Inkigayo.Dalmatian -Round 1.HDTV.1080i.ts | MU 100905.SBS...

Junsu/ Jejung/ Yuchun – The…

Release date: 2010.09.08 Genre: R&B / Ballad Bit rate: 192kbps 01. いつだって君に 02. Get Ready 03. Long Way 04. W 05. いつだって君に (Instrumental) 06. Get Ready (Instrumental) 07. Long Way (Instrumental) 08. W (Instrumental) MF credit:...

[MV] FT Island – Love Love Love (Mnet) 480i

Too late to post this but better than nothing :)

MBC Music Core 100904

MBC Music Core; Korean Music Wave(2010.09.04) If there is no seeder in ALL Cuts file. Please try to download with individual file ^^" Performers: BoA, Super Junior,...

[Single] RARE – The New Star

레어 (RARE) - The New Star (Single) Released: 2010.09.03 Genre: Dance Bit rate: 320 kbps 01. 악몽 02. New Star 03. 어디있니.. MF

KBS Music Bank 100903

KBS Music Bank (2010.09.03) UPDATED ALL CUTS in 1080i HD Please comment if you download one of these ^^ CUTs : 1080i 100902.KBS Music Bank.Sistar - Shady Girl.ts 100903.KBS...