[MV] Kwill – Love Is Punishment (Shining Inheritance OST)

I'm watching this drama ~ 'Shining Inheritance' . So sad that they don't make the Music Video for the song: Ji sun - Crazy in...

090719.SNSD-No 1.SBS Inkigayo

SNSD - Winning No.1 ( Megaupload )

090719.FT Island.Marry me + I hope.SBS Inkigayo

FT Island - Marry me + I Hope part1 || part2 || part3

[HD] 090718.SNSD.Genie.MBC Music Core

.TP (1920*1080) You can download this resolution at yoobin's blog .AVI (1280*720) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3XSY4ND4 Please say thanks if you download it ^^"


I would like to share performance HD/HQ in my blog ^^" so I need your ideas about this thing :) • Should I share .tp.ts (1920*1080)...

New plugins~

Hi, everyone ~ Today, I've added some new plugins for my blog :) There are 'Archives', 'Customs smile' and 'Top Commenters'. *Top Commenters I'm glad that they...

090717.SNSD.Genie.KBS Music Bank

I'm sad that they did not win no.1 this time ^^" Request here if you need the link ( Megaupload )

[Single] Ran – What is Love

Single: What is Love Artist: Ran (ft.H-Eugene) Release date: 2009.07.20 Genre: Ballad 01. 사랑이 뭐길래 (What is Love) 02. 보고 또 보고 (ft. H-Eugene) ( MediaFire )

[Album] Cool vol.11 – Cool

Album: vol.11 Cool Artist: Cool Release date: 2009.07.20 Purchase: YESASIA 2 tracks available 01 보고보고 02 In Your Eyes ( MediaFire ) 03 Kiss 04 ...

[Mini Album] Suho – DayZ

Album: DayZ Artist: SuHo Release date: 2009.07.16 Bit rate: 320kbps 01 월화수목 금토일 (Feat. 아이유) 02 So You (Feat. 손호영 `Baby I Love U` New Ver.) 03 1박...