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Hi everyone,

We’re using new plugin to hide the download link. So want to make a survey to know your view about this action. Beside voting, we’ll truly appreciate if you leave a comment to tell us the reason why you like/unlike it. Or a suggestion on where we should hide the link (which specific kind of post)


Edit: We decide not using the new plugin. Thanks for all of your votes


  1. No. Makes no sense. People will just type a b . 2 1 @ $ single letter just to get the link. in the end we'll have tons of rubbish posts. Adding this step does nothing at all but to add a hassle. Question is, why do you want to hide the link when there will be another way for common visitors to know it at the end? If visitor wants to leave a comment they will.

    • We are using Akismet for spam comments so spamming is not a big problem.

      More comments will encourage us in working harder. At least 'thanks', 'thank you' is ok. Post for underrated artist will also get more comments. We get 1 or maximum 10 comments for underrated artist (no hidden content)and 30 comments after using this method. x30 / x3 times.

      I went out today for a friend's birthday and after return I got 35 comments to approve lol (the first comment you make in this blog need to be approved). That means these are 35 visitors have not replied to ANY posts yet before using hidden link. Is that ridiculous? Maybe some of them are new visitors but I don't think I can get more than 30 new visitors / day because I know our site is not famous that much.

      This is just a testing method and we will not use it if our visitors don't like it. Beside that, I find some disadvantages when using the new plugin.

      @prennor: hope this comment will also answer your question.

      • Although this blog isn't famous, such as k2nblog, this blog is more appealing. Also, I love love love the fact that this blog posts indie artists and does requests. The quality of this blog is superb, and keeps visitors updated if anything happens. Thank you for your hard work. ^^

      • i also dont get why you need comments, i just find annoying to click to approve comments or edit useless comments like "thank you" "thanks for the file", if you use this method you will get lots of crappy comments, cause people are forced to make the comment and they will not make a "long and detailed comment" specially if they like 15 files per visit. there are too many kpop blogs, people rather move on and use the more user friendly one.

        and i really dont get why u need comments, if you want your files to be found on google use a social plugin to put facebook likes and tweets etc, it does the work i guess.

  2. i don't really mind that much but i just tried it right now for one of the albums and for my comment it says awaiting moderation or something like that. i couldn't access the link yet. it's a bit annoying.

  3. i dont get why you would like to hide a link?

    its very annoying to leave a comment just for a file and there are many files.

    kn2blog suks, u never know which annoying background or boyband you will get when u visit it. its very annoying. and what they post its all over the internet no big deal for their files.

    this blog is so much better, its clean, and you get indie, and not so famous artist that you would probably never have listened if you only visit other crappy kpop idol blogs. i appreciate talented artist and good songs, and if u really want to share dont put your yesasia affiliate link its also annoying on other blogs.

  4. It will not be a good idea to have to post a comment first to see the link. It is a major annoyance. For example, what can be more annoying than entering a comment and you then find out that it is NOT the file you want to download. There are more visitor-friendly means of showing appreciation to a post.

    In some websites, visitors can click a button to say thanks and another button to enter their rating, in addition to adding comments. In this scenario, the website will report how many "thanks" were received and the rating of the post as given by the visitors.

    Seeing something like: "35 users gave thanks and showed their appreciation for this post" is better than seeing 35 separate entries of "Thank you" in the comments section because, as I see it, and I hope you agree with me, in the end, it will be the number "35" that will matter to the poster. As a result, the comments section would be free of useless comments and is more likely to contain more quality comments like words of sincere appreciation or questions/clarifications in regards to the post made.

    • yes, I agree with you 🙂 Actually, I was looking for a plugin which can put the 'thanks' button in the post and count it. I found one but need something better. Maybe you will see it in the near future. And the rating is also a good idea. Thanks for your comment.

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