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Request k-music by Leaving a comment. But follow the rule :

  • mp3 file : 192kbps or 320kbps
  • do not request non-official release;
  • recommend new album/single which you’re looking forward here;
  • report broken link? please go to that post, this page is only for request;
  • do not make more than 3 requests/week;
  • please request exactly what you need and follow this form :

Artist name – Album/ Single/ Song name
Release date(Recommend this one to help us in finding)

  • 램대니

    Artist: Martin Smith
    Album: 봄 그리고 너
    Release Date: 2017.04.25
    Link: http://music.bugs.co.kr/album/20094604

  • Jennifer

    Artist: Sugarbowl (슈가볼)
    Single: Second Date
    Releast Date: 2017.04.24
    Link: http://www.melon.com/album/detail.htm?albumId=10057398

  • 서인영

    Artist: 소현
    Single: 어떤 위로
    Artist: 가렌즈 (Garenz)
    Single: Wanna Get You Closer (feat. Allison Kaplan) (2017 서울 월드 디제이 페스티벌 주제가)

  • kimekari

    Artist: Airplane
    So Beautiful

    If it’s possible, thank you ^^

  • Wəhwāñ

    수란(SURAN)-오늘 취하면

  • Eve

    LOONA 1/3 – Love & Evil itunes? Came out yesterday 🙂