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[MV] Son Dam Bi – Queen (GomTV) 480p, 576p

The real size is 480p and be encoded to 567p. Anyway, both are fine ^^ MegaUpload

[Mini Album] Son Dam Bi – The Queen 3rd EP

손담비 - The queen (THE 3RD MINI ALBUM) Release date: 2010.07.08 Genre: Dance Pop Bit rate: 320kbps 01 Db Rider 02 Queen 03 Beat Up By A Girl 04 Can't...

[Mini Album] Son Dam Bi – The 3rd Mini Album

손담비 - The 3rd Mini Album Release date: 2010.07.02 Genre: Ballad Bit rate: 320kbps 01 Can't U See MF

[Single] Brave Brothers – Attitude

Single: Attitude Artist: Brave Brothers | 용감한 형제 (ft. Son Dam Bi,..) Release date: 2009.08.18 Genre: Hip-hop 01. Interview 02. Brave Sound 03. Invisible (인비져블) (feat. Son Dam Bi, 별들의...

Dam Bi & AS – AMOLED [720×480]~TS

Maybe you have downloaded the GomTV version (.avi); this one is ETN version (.ts) 01 | 02

[MV] DamBi & AS – Amoled

( MediaFire )

[Single] Son Dam Bi + After School – Amoled

Single: Amoled Artist: Son Dam Bi + After School Release date: 2009.07.23 Genre: Dance Pop 01. 아몰레드 (Amoled) 02. 아몰레드 (Amoled) (MR) ( MediaFire )