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Apink – Bye Bye (Japan Version)

apink bye bye japan version

Apink‘s seventh single Bye Bye sees the group working again with Shinsadong Tiger, the hitmaker behind representative songs like NoNoNo and LUV. The emotional dance song is about bidding farewell to spring and beginning to step towards adulthood.

Expected release date: March 29, 2017

★ CD Purchase: Yesasia
★ MP3 download: Not available


Big Bang’s 2017 Welcoming Collection

big bang welcoming collection

Expected release date: March 31, 2017

★ CD Purchase: Yesasia
★ MP3 download: Not available


Highlight Mini Album Vol. 1 – Can You Feel It?

highlight can you feel it

After establishing the independent label Around Us Entertainment, former BEAST members Doo Jun, Jun Hyung, Yo Seop, Gi Kwang and Dong Woon re-debut as Highlight, which is named after their previous album released in June 2016. The title track Can You Feel It? was created by Good Life, a composing team that includes Jun Hyung and composer Kim Tae Joo. Yo Seop and Gi Kwang also share songwriting credits on “Start” and “Dangerous.”

This edition comes with a 100-page Sense Version booklet and a random photo card.

Release date: March 20, 2017

★ CD purchase: Yesasia
★ MP3 download: Highlight – Can You Feel It?


Monsta X Vol.1 – THE CLAN pt.2.5 `BEAUTIFUL`

monsta x beautiful

Since last year, Monsta X has been narrating different sorrowful youth stories through the acclaimed The Clan series. The series now comes to an end with a Beautiful finale in their first full-length album. Members Joo Heon and I.M took part in songwriting for all ten tracks, including “Beautiful,” “Need U,” Miss You and “Last Page,” which features lyrics by member Won Ho.

This edition comes with a 20-page lyric booklet, a random oath paper, a random Beautiful Version photo card, a random Beautiful Version transparent photo card and two stickers.

Release date: March 21, 2017

★ CD purchase: Yesasia
★ MP3 download: here
  • Nayeonfan

    (info) Girl’s Day will be debuting with a japanese Album on 09/30 2015 🙂

    • axander

      Thanks for the info^^

  • Deyanira

    NU’EST will also comeback in September (?

    • bingyang

      Hi, we don’t have any information about NU’EST’s comeback at the moment 🙂

  • Leah Lee

    Are you guys going to have The Black Skirt’s “My Everything” up?

  • Olu

    CA U GET Moorim School

  • Olu

    can you upload Answer Me 1988 soundtrack please

  • Olu


  • PinkPanda

    Twice comeback 25 april

  • Shuko Pichin

    Will you have Seventeen’s new album soon?

  • Mei.A

    where is Nell?????????

  • Ale Luiz

    Well, korean music industry is really huge, have at least 20~25 titles release every day among single, mini album and album, comeback and debut stuff lol i think that would be impossible to upload all here right? 🙂 but just updating the list:
    August 01
    OH MY GIRL – Listen to My Word (Summer Special Album)
    HyunA – A’wesome (5th Mini Album)
    August 02
    INX – Come (Debut Digital Single)
    Basick – Nice (1st Mini Album)
    August 04
    9MUSES A – Muses Diary (Debut Mini Album)
    August 05
    UP10TION – Summer Go (4th Mini Album)
    Girls’ Generation – Sailing (0805) (Digital Single)
    August 06
    BTOB – I Want to Vacation (Digital Single)
    Y TEEN (Cosmic Girls & Seventeen Unit) – Do Better (Digital Single)
    August 07
    MONSTA X – The Clan: Lost Limited (3rd Mini Album Repackage)
    August 08
    B.A.P – Put ‘Em Up (5th Single Album)
    BLACKPINK – Square One (Debut Single Album)
    FLASHE – Cute Girl (Digital Single)
    August 09
    Jun. K (2PM) – Mr. No Love (1st Full Album)
    I.O.I (Ideal of Idol) – Whatta Man (Digital Single)
    J-Min – Ready for Your Love (Digital Single)
    A-Daily – Chu (1st Mini Album)
    August 10
    BeatBurger – Vagabond (Digital Single)
    August 11
    24K – Still (Digital Single)
    August 12
    VIXX – Hades (6th Single Album)
    BTOB – Cinderella and Four Knights OST Part.1 (Digital Single)
    Onew (SHINee) – Starry Night (Digital Single)
    August 14
    Luizy (UNIQ) – Baby Ride (2nd Digital Single)
    I.O.I – Hand in Hand (Digital Single)
    August 16
    BADKIZ – HOTHAE (4th Digital Single)
    New Town Boyz – Man of Legend (Debut Digital Single) (I don’t find it on internet to download it ><~~
    August 17
    WSJN (Cosmic Girls) – The Secret (2nd Mini Album)
    August 18
    EXO – Lotto (3rd Full Album Repackage)
    I.B.I () – Molae Molae (Debut Digital Single Album)
    Hanhae (Phantom) – Eyescream (Digital Single)
    Circus Crazy – Circus Crazy (Debut Digital Single) (I don't find it on internet to download it)
    August 19
    MASC – Strange (Debut Mini Album)
    NELL – C (7th Album)
    Yuri & Seohyun (Girls' Generation) – Secret (Digital Single)
    August 20
    Suga of BTS named as AGUST'D – AGUST'D (1st mixtape)
    Tymee – Symbol (6th Mini Album)
    August 21
    Bambino – Moonlight Shower (2nd Single)
    August 22
    Soyou & Yoo Seung Woo – Love in the Moonlight OST I (Digital Single)
    ROMEO – First Love (Special Edition)
    VX – What You (2nd Digital Single)
    August 23
    LABOUM – Love Sign (1st Mini Album)
    Park Jimin (15&) – Try (1st Mini Album)
    Two X – Reboot (3rd Single Album)
    Ailee – If You (Digital Single)
    August 24
    Crush, Han Sang Won – Skip (Digital Single)
    August 25
    SPICA – Secret Time (Digital Single)
    Urban Zakapa – Thursday Night (Digital Single)
    August 26
    Triple T (HyoYeon (Girls' Generation), Min (Miss A), and JoKwon (2AM)) – Born To Be Wild (Digital Single)
    August 27
    NCT DREAM – Chewing Gum (Debut Digital Single)
    August 29
    NU'EST – Canvas (5th Mini Album)
    August 31
    Sunny Hill – Way (2nd Maxi Single)
    Solar & Whee In (Mamamoo) – Angel (Digital Single)
    Hwa Sa & Moon Byul (Mamamoo) – Dab Dab (Digital Single)
    #################ONLY MAIN RELEASES###################

  • Dominic

    Hi.. Any news on when Girls Day would be making a comeback? Thank You and Appreciate if there are any information.

    • sorry, there is still no confirmed comeback date yet even though in previous interviews, they said would be in September.

  • Puj

    Can i request TVXQ Best of The Best album. Thank you