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Apink – Bye Bye (Japan Version)

apink bye bye japan version

Apink‘s seventh single Bye Bye sees the group working again with Shinsadong Tiger, the hitmaker behind representative songs like NoNoNo and LUV. The emotional dance song is about bidding farewell to spring and beginning to step towards adulthood.

Expected release date: March 29, 2017

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Big Bang’s 2017 Welcoming Collection

big bang welcoming collection

Expected release date: March 31, 2017

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Highlight Mini Album Vol. 1 – Can You Feel It?

highlight can you feel it

After establishing the independent label Around Us Entertainment, former BEAST members Doo Jun, Jun Hyung, Yo Seop, Gi Kwang and Dong Woon re-debut as Highlight, which is named after their previous album released in June 2016. The title track Can You Feel It? was created by Good Life, a composing team that includes Jun Hyung and composer Kim Tae Joo. Yo Seop and Gi Kwang also share songwriting credits on “Start” and “Dangerous.”

This edition comes with a 100-page Sense Version booklet and a random photo card.

Release date: March 20, 2017

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Monsta X Vol.1 – THE CLAN pt.2.5 `BEAUTIFUL`

monsta x beautiful

Since last year, Monsta X has been narrating different sorrowful youth stories through the acclaimed The Clan series. The series now comes to an end with a Beautiful finale in their first full-length album. Members Joo Heon and I.M took part in songwriting for all ten tracks, including “Beautiful,” “Need U,” Miss You and “Last Page,” which features lyrics by member Won Ho.

This edition comes with a 20-page lyric booklet, a random oath paper, a random Beautiful Version photo card, a random Beautiful Version transparent photo card and two stickers.

Release date: March 21, 2017

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  • can u guys get Secret Love Affair please

    • axander

      You mean the OST from the drama?

  • xlovemelody

    Can you upload Berry Good (베리굿) – Love Letter (러브레터)?

  • Sydney Walker

    I can not wait for this month, new and old artists are coming with a BANG this month [07/2014]. Am so excited for JYJ…

  • Sandyrawrz

    YES!!! I cannot wait for these comebacks! Yay! New Daybreak mini-album coming up! I love their music so much~ ;n;

  • Jian Liang Khuat

    Is Daesung’s (D-Lite) Album D’slove already out? If yes could u upload it please?

  • alstreim

    can you upload the 20140729 hyunA @ SBS MTV The Show thank youuuuuuuu 😀

    • axander

      I will fix it 🙂

  • Is it me or I can’t find the request page? (I’m on mobile.) Is it possible to request for Tasty’s Addiction single? Thank you! ^^

    • axander

      I don’t know if you can see request page on the mobile, but the song its uploaded now ^^

    • bingyang

      Hi, for some reasons, the request page doesn’t display on mobile theme. I’m trying to fix the problem. Sorry for this late reply.

  • 이재섭

    T-ARA’s Gonna release a remix album on 15th

    • bingyang

      Oh, thank you for your information.

  • 이재섭

    LOL, It Seems T-ARA’s Remix Album is dalyed… One of the dj’s say it’ll be released on 17th.

  • la buck

    maybe you already knew, but news said epik high gonna release their 8th album in oct 21st

    • axander

      Yes, I knew just forgot to update 🙂

  • Sydney Walker

    I can’t wait to listen to Epik High’s album that has been released already. I haven’t listened to much of their music. But, am starting too

  • Ian Bash

    Still waiting for Urban Zakapa’s Yayaya… An OST for High School Love On! <3 m/

  • TheRzezbiarz

    But when will be new albums (or at least minialbums) of Baek Ji Young and Hwayobi….?

    • axander

      Im not even sure, since it was a time since they released something, just wait until 2015 and see what they have to offer us 🙂

  • Tom Byler

    MIX & MATCH DVD 🙂 It haven’t release yet so maybe if it will be released, you’ll upload it here 🙂

    • axander

      Im not sure if will upload M&M DVD, we will see what will happen, its going to be released 31/12-14.

      • Tom Byler

        I hope you will upload it here 🙂 Btw, THANKS <3

  • Tom Byler

    Please please!!! Upload the MIX & MATCH DVD, please!! I really trust your site…Please 🙂

  • Tom Byler

    Some of SISTAR’s album link is not working. Please fix it. THANKS 🙂

    • axander

      Which albums do you want?

      • Tom Byler

        Their loving you album(summer special) 🙂

        • axander

          I will upload it, and next time ask in the request page section.

  • 이재섭

    Soshi is going to release both versions for their single on 10th? (JPN and KOR) ? then why 22th is marked for they JPN release? or we’re just getting the MV/PV on 10th?

    • axander

      Im not sure, but I think that 22th is moved to 10th for the release

  • 이재섭

    Do you know when T-ARA’s Elsie will release her album? (I love Eunjung but I hate her new name lol)

    • axander

      Im not sure, there is not date out, but it will be uploaded here as soon its released.

  • Divine

    am i allowed to request songs on here? lol

    mckay kim – month of june …. korean and/or english version lool… if not… then thats fine too haha

  • Nayeonfan

    (info) Girl’s Day’s new album’s name is called ‘Love’