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100901 MBC Incheon Branch Celebratory Concert


There is a bit difference in the torrent’s file name but they are from the same show ^^”
Please tell me if you know the show’s name in English. Thanks MORGANE AYELA for the english name

Please comment if you download one of these ^^

CUTs : 1080i

100901.MBC 경기인천지사 창립축하쇼.Hong Jin Young – My Love.HDTV.1080i.ts

100901.MBC 경기인천지사 창립축하쇼.Tae Yang – I’ll Be There.HDTV.1080i-oleojam.ts

100901.MBC 경기인천지사 창립축하쇼.4minute – Huh.HDTV.1080i.ts

100901.MBC 경인지사 창립 축하쇼.SHINee – Lucifer.HDTV.1080i-oleojam.ts

100901.MBC 경기인천지사 창립축하쇼.After School – Bang.HDTV.1080i.mpg


360p | Baros (766MB) Torrent file


  1. Been using your blog for some time now, just voted for it on the link you posted on the home page actually. I like your shares because you are a good tagger, unless others who just upload either crappy tags or transcoded mp3s without checking for quality.

    Anyway, I am currently looking for the english name of this MBC concert as well. Cheers!

    • Run the torrent file by torrent client as utorrent, Bittorrent,…
      Download utorrent here

      The torrent client will download the video automatically. When it finishes (100%), right click on the torrent file -> choose open to enjoy the video ^^

      Ask again if you don't understand clearly

  2. thank you so much for uploading!!

    for some reason, mediafire doesn't let me download the torrent file of the whole show.

    so can i request a different download site for the torrent file of the whole show?

    thank you so much 🙂


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