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100913 tvN Music Show Newton


Please comment if you download one of these

100913.tvN Newton.Rainbow – A.HDTV.1080i.ts

100913.tvN Newton.After School – Bang!.HDTV.1080i.tp

100913.tvN Newton.Son dam Bi – Queen.HDTV.1080i.ts

100913.tvN Newton.Moon Ji Eun – Hibiye Hibyo.HDTV.1080i.ts




  • kyoung

    thanks alot

  • kyoung

    hm after school link doesn't work ;(

    • kpopexplorer

      You mean no seeder (you can't download the whole performance) or the MF link doesn't work?

      checked the MF link, it works fine. I have the After school's one in my PC ^^ seeding if you're downloading

      • kyoung

        Yeah i don't think there is any seeder. I can get from mediafire but torrent isnt working. ;(

        • kpopexplorer

          I'm seeding it ^^ how many percentage to finish ?

      • kyoung

        it's at 0% no seeders;(

        • kpopexplorer

          I'll upload to MU if I have free time ^^

    • kpopexplorer

      sorry for this late, I forgot about uploading to MU :p http://www.megaupload.com/?d=K3JYBN8U