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121005 KBS Music Bank


Performers:TVXQ, SECRET, T-ARA, FT Island, Gain (Broen Eyed Girls), U-KISS, Mighty Mouth, Lee Seok Hoon, Navi, BTOB, BIGSTAR, FIESTAR, 100%, LEXY, Spica, she’z, MR.MR, Chaos, RaNia, TINY-G, SKARF, A-ble

Today’s host:Lee Jang Woo and UEE(After School)

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All cuts availible!!


Full Show
121005 KBS Music Bank 360p-AKK.avi
121005 KBS Music Bank 360p-Baros.avi
121005 KBS Music Bank 720p-WITH.mp4
121005 KBS Music Bank 1080i.ts

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  1. Hi, thanks for all the hard work! Not many sites (you're one of last) to offer these torrents for Music shows.
    O h can I ask one thng though? can you please date your shows? i download a lot of stuff then come back later and don't know how to organize the files or when/where! doh
    like 2012.10.05.Inkigayo or something? Thanks !!


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