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Performers:Girls Generation, INFINITE H, Boyfriend, Baek Ji Young, JeA, Juniel, Hello Venus, C-CLOWN, GLAM, BIGSTAR, 2BIC, URBAN ZAKAPA, Airplane, Son Dam Bi, Kim So Ri, Hi.ni, 24K, Egobomb, EXCITE

Today’s host/MCs:UEE and Lee Jang Woo

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  • Dzo

    I didnt know u guys have the SAME trackers as Kpop24 hours. Is this intentional? Do you share files with each other?

    • axander

      Yes,cause it is the only uploaders for full show

  • Dzo

    Ok, just making sure. Watching out for you, in case some people steal your work you wouldn't be thrilled.