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131129 KBS Music Bank


Performers: Lee Juck, Davichi, NOEL, FT Island, Hyorin, Huh Gak, VIXX, San E, A-JAX, Tasty, M.I.B, Mando & Chigi, LPG, HISTORY, BESTie, TIMBER, TINT, The Boss, LUSH

Today’s host/MCs: Park Seo Jun & Bora

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Lee Juck – Lie Lie Lie(First place nominee)
M.I.B – Let’s Talk About You (Comeback)
Hyorin – Lonely + One Way Love (Solo Debut)
A-JAX – Snake
Davichi – The Letter
HISTORY – What Am I To You (Comeback)
VIXX – Voodoo Doll
BESTie – Love Option
FT Island -Madly
Tasty – Day’n Night (Comeback)
Timber – Three Days
LPG – Ppang Ya Ppang Ya
TINT – Love As First Sight
Huh Gak – Memory Of Your Scent
The Boss – Why Goodbye(Comeback)
San E – Break Up Dinner(Comeback)
Mando & Chigi – He Says, She Says
Noel – 잊혀진다는 거 (Comeback)
LUSH – Yesterday (Comeback)


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