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131213 KBS Music Bank


Performers: Hyorin, VIXX, EXO, Yong Junhyung, Crayon Pop, Noel, Secret, Younha, KOYOTE, Lee Jong Hyun, Juniel, J-Walk, M.I.B, Tasty, Tae Jin-ah, HISTORY, NC.A, K-HUNTER, HEYNE, Move in K

Today’s MCs: Park Seo Jun & Bora

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Hyorin – One Way Love (First place nominee)
Yong Junhyung – Flower (Solo Debut)
VIXX – Voodoo Doll
EXO – Miracle In December
Crayon Pop – Lonely Christmas
Noel – Being Forgotten
Koyote – Hug Me (Comeback)
Secret – I Do I Do (Comeback)
Lee Jong Hyun & Juniel – Love Falls (Comeback)
J-Walk – Painfully
Younha – Not There (Comeback)
M.I.B – Let’s Talk About You
Tae Jin-ah – White Snow
HISTORY – What Am I To You
K-Hunter – Man & Woman
HEYNE – Love007
Move In Key – We Are


Full Show
131213 KBS Music Bank 540p-RiFu.avi
131213 KBS Music Bank 720p-HANrel.avi
131213 KBS Music Bank 1080i.mkv

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