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140125 MBC Music Core


Performers: KOYOTE, Rainbow Black, Rain,Tae Jin Ah, B1A4, Girl’s Day, Ailee, Kim Jong Seo, Dal Shabet, AOA, GOT7, Rumble Fish, ToppDogg, Royal Pirates, K-Much, A-Prince, BEAT WIN, Blady, The SEEYA, Kiss&Cry

Today’s MCs: Minho, Sohyun and Hongchul

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B1A4 – Lonely (First Place nominee)
AOA – Miniskirt
Dal Shabet – B.B.B
Girl’s Day – Something
The SEEYA – Tell Me (Comeback)
Rainbow Blaxx – Cha Cha (Debut)
KISS&CRY – Domino Game (Debut)
Koyote – 1999 (Comeback)
Ailee – Singing Got Better
Rain – LA Song


Full Show
140125 MBC Music Core 720p-HANrel.avi
140125 MBC Music Core 720p-yosimoto.avi

720p-HANrel.avi | 720p-yosimoto


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