1. I like the new theme! It's easier to see what is new with a quick glance, and it has a nice clean look. The old look was nice, but I like this better. I'm one of the people that actively downloads almost every new post. I never forget to click the "Thanks" because it is one of the ways to show how much I appreciate your and the others hard work. Ok, your question about 'Thanks or Likes": I'm not really against Likes, but it doesn't make sense to me, because I'm not going to click Likes for a new release I haven't even heard yet. Some new releases aren't to my liking, it is only honest to say I'm unlikely to listen to something and then come back to the download page later to click Likes, whereas I always can click Thanks right away because even if I eventually find I didn't like a new release, I always appreciate you making it available to try. One thing I would like to see changed, if it is possible, is some sort of way to get a complete listing of the Compilations, it is a bit painful to have to keep clicking back 5 listings at a time. Likewise, some way to navigate a list the older releases chronologically by post date and/or alphabetically would be very helpful, again if it is possible. Cheers again for all your hard work, it is very much appreciated! 😀

    • Thanks for your comment and what you suggested is great 😀 I'll be working on that kind of way to display Compilations and posts, too.

  2. I wish people made more comments about the music. I like the layout, but it's sort of complicated when I have to look for dates all the time lol. Anyway, thank you for all the quick updates and such.

    • As in reviews or general comments about select tracks? I could do either, and I used to but it seemed like I was the only one so I gave up lol.

      • you're welcomed 🙂 now that both are on, the thanks button looks kinda awkward. LOL. can i change my vote to replace 'Thanks' with 'Like'? hehe

        • haha, I've changed to a new `Thanks` button for better look. Still wanna switch your vote?

          Actually, I decided to keep `Thanks` and do not use `Likes`. Don't want to run 1 more plugin on the site T___T

  3. if it's possible to have both, then i think both would be better 😀 i always click thanks if i download the album, and that thanks is for my appreciation to kpopexplorer for uploading and sharing it to us 😀 and if there'll be a button for likes, clicking it will serve as for the appreciation on the album itself ^_^ fighting kpopexplorer! more power and god bless 🙂

    P.S. I like the new theme! ♥

  4. I love the new theme. Very professional and easier to navigate through ^^ When I came on ur blog yesterday and saw the new theme I was beyond shocked and impressed because music blogs have never done this style before. So good job for being brave and stepping out of the norm ^^ Looks really nice :3 I love your blog btw. Thank you for sharing music even though you knows it really dangerous l0l [: Anneyongg~

    • I know what you mean by dangerous, haha. Something need to be done for the new theme to make it look even better. I'm not a web designer so maybe it'll take a while to figure out.

  5. The new theme is really refreshing,i love it a lot ^^

    It's easier to get through all the sections!

    For the like and love like some user said it before me having the two culd be great!

    The likes for thanking you working so hard for everyone and the love for helping some persons who could hesitate to download the album/single of the artist! (or was it the other way?! xD)

    Anyway,thank you for existing kpopexplorer and thank you bingyang for this awesome management 😉

  6. I personally prefer the 'Thanks' option as, like others have pointed out, you can't really relate to the 'Likes' option until after having listened to a new release. Also, some songs (and in particular, title tracks) that I might not immediately 'like' will grow on me over time.

  7. Love the new layout! Also, the "thanks" button didn't work for me before (I'd click it, but nothing ever happened) so it's great that I can finally make use of the feature.

    Personally, I look at the MelOn ratings so while a user-generated rating would be cool, I'm not sure it's necessary.

  8. Thank you so much for the nice changes to the Compilations and Archives links. I know the Compilations list is now less graphical, but I like that I can easily see the groups in a simple list. There is great music there! Thanks to namyoun for the hard work. The Archives page is easy too, just find the release date and go straight to that month…couldn't be easier 🙂

  9. Hi bingyang! I just wanted to mention that if there is any way I can ever help with the site, please let me know. I'd be happy to help repost dead links, post discographies, new releases, or whatever. I'm on the site several times a day anyways. I'm active on AsianTorrents and Jpopsuki, so I have some experience. Cheers, nematode66 (Michael)

    • hi Michael, it must be great if we can have you become one of our authors 🙂 I assume that you're familiar with wordpress already. I changed your role from Subscriber to Author. Any concern you can contact me via email [email protected].


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