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About uploading MV…


I have decided not to upload GomTV Full HD anymore ^^ You can find Gom MV easily now by Google, many sites share it free. It take me too much time to download + upload and gain no comment or so few. Personally, I prefer performances in 1080. 720 MV is fine with me. I’ll spend more time to upload underrated videos, support underrated artists instead.

Thanks for your attention ^^

  • mikki

    dont give up! i like ur site!!
    Yo know many do like ur site..it's the best..Hope you will have own blog & gain much better comments and appreciation from viewers!! ILU 😀 keep fighting~

  • andy

    this is the best kpop music site and I visit almost every day.
    And I do appreciate very much for your Gom TV HD.
    No comment does not mean we do not like it.

    • narusha

      yeah I think so..
      many peoples download them without adding comments….
      me too…sometimes there are so much things to download on your site…so I do not add comments cause I'm in a hurry to finish the download hehehe..
      I'll start to add comment if u want me to…:)

  • windsor

    aw~ thats sad. =(

  • You're right.Do you still upload files ".asf" ???

    • kpopexplorer

      I just stop uploading GomTV 🙂

  • catreroth

    I agree, popular videos are found almost without effort, while underrated artists deserve a bit more exposure, only then will they be able to get support, how else are we supposed to know about them and even like them enough to buy their stuff? So I am glad you are going this way.

  • Tina

    Good choice! Underrated artists need all the publicity as possible, even if they themselves don't know about it, lol. Anyway, it is easy to find popular videos and music videos, with a little effort from us (the searchers) and a search engine! For those who don't know, there is a site called kpopella.com which uploads a lot of variety shows and some music videos as well. Sometimes, for popular artists, they have HD music videos too.

  • blogtl

    @andy: the best site XD!! ya..XD!

  • mardi09

    Yeah, you should totally upload underrated MVs. They are harder to find in HD anyway =) Thanks for spreading the love of underrateds XD

  • >_< yup~ please upload vids of underrated artists ;___;)/
    their hard works need to be recognized

  • edward

    is there a request list for underratted artist?

    i like some, but they are hard to find around, i hope there is a request list for them.

    • kpopexplorer

      I'm very busy right now so don't take request for MVs, only mp3s

  • kyoung

    But won't unknown artists get no comments at all? Unless you make a note about how good the video or songs are.

    Just saying.

    Or do you mean popular artists who you think are underrated. Which just means they aren't popular in the kpop world.

    • kpopexplorer

      I know that thing will happen but don't care ^^ Spend time for helping people with rare stuffs is better than posting the stuff everyone uploaded.

      Although I'm not sure I can do it well cause many sites such as Gom, Melon, Bugs don't sell underrated MVs in HD, I'll try my best 🙂

  • ka6

    Nice, love to see more underrated artist videos. I love Big Mama. Do you have any latest performance of Big Mama?.

  • Sokly

    I agree with your decision kpopexplorer. Many popular videos are easy to be found and many site post the same things. Why spend time to make global warming get worse and worse.

  • Though I often got many of the Gom TV HD MVs elsewhere, I always used your site for backup (as you posted 'em promptly), but I understand the time it takes to download & reup these. I do always try to comment when I download something, at least. I'll continue to support your choices.

    What I really like are the singles and albums (particularly all the OSTs) you post for us. I really need to take the time to spend a few days simply downloading all the ones I tend to skip over (in favor of the popular ones). I'm way behind and never seem to make the time for catching up my music (mp3) files these days.

  • Teddie D

    sad news but thanks for all of ur efforts anyway. Hopefully this site will get more popular.