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[Album] 1sagain – Once Again


1sAgain – Once Again
Release Date: 2009.08.18
Genre: Pop/Rap
Bit rate: 320kbps

01.부칠수 없는 편지 (Intro)
02. 이별후애 (Original ver.) (feat. 주보라)
03. 마이크 (feat. STi)
04. My Love (feat. 주보라)
05. Friends & Lovers
06. Love Me (feat. 주보라)
07. Hey (Interlude)
08. Miss Fantastic (feat. 주보라, Carry Diamond)
09. I’m Falling (Interlude)
10. Fall In Love (feat. 주보라)
11. 사랑은 떠났어 (feat. 주보라)
12. 내 사랑의 봄날
13. 감사 (Outro)

( Megaupload )


    • Yes, it's read as "Once Again." The reason behind that is because he wants to be a rapper that you wouldn't want to only once and instead to many more times.


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