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[Album] 2PM – Hands Up


2PM – Hands Up
Release Date: 2011.06.20
Genre: Dance Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps

01. Hands Up
02. Electricity
03. Give It To Me
04. 영화처럼
05. 모르니
06. Hot
07. Without U
08. I’ll Be Back
09. I Can’t
10. Hands Up (East4A mix)
11. Electricity (220v mix)
12. Thank You
13. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop

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  • Thx for Sharing …. First Comment Happy So Much ^_^

  • thank you so much!!!!

  • paige

    Thanks a lot. You posted this fast. I love 2PM and can't wait to listen.

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  • Lynn

    This isn't 320k, it's not like you to upload transcodes….Thanks anyway.

    • kpopexplorer

      what makes you think that it isn't real 320k? O.o

    • It's mnet version buy by ihoneydew. But it is 320kbps. I also want to know why this isn’t 320k???

  • it seems like alot of people keep saying that these 2pm rips are bad.I just think that just how the rips are.I heard from different people who bought from different online stores say the rips do look kind of trans coded,It could be just how the CD sounds or there company just sent bad rips to these online stores.

  • kyoung

    I think it's because it sounds soft.

  • PopoHappy

    Nice! Awesome songs! Thanks!

    • bia

      like your comment

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  • Love this album! Thank you!

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    could you fix the link? its broken. thanks ^^

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    Can you reupload please? Thank you 😀

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      re-uploaded 🙂

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