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[Album] 5dolls – Club Remix Album Time To Play


5dolls – Club Remix Album: Time To Play
Release Date: 2011.05.08
Genre: Dance
Bit rate: 320kbps

01. Time to Play (Intro)
02. 이러쿵 저러쿵
03. 네가 없이도
04. 너 말이야 (Remix ver.)
05. 입술자국 (Remix ver.)
06. 쭈르르르르 (Remix ver.)
07. 잘났어 (Remix ver.)
08. 거기 잠깐 (Remix ver.)


  • Rob

    Thank you : )

  • zapzap

    am I the only one getting an error when I try to extract the files?

  • It should be no problem for the zip file.

  • zapzap

    nvm i tried renaming the files b4 i extract..worked

  • infinitymusics

    Yay, it worked.

  • Clara

    i would appreciate that if it is uploaded in mediafire as well~ thank you 😀

  • Mia

    Can you reupload this file?