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[Album] Alex – Just Like Me


알렉스(Alex) – Just Like Me
Release Date: 2011.06.02
Genre: Ballad
Bit rate: Real 320kbps

01. 전하지 못한 이야기
02. You’re My Lady
03. 같은 꿈
04. 봄날의 바람 같아요
05. 今年もAmaryllisが咲いた
06. 미쳐보려 해도
07. 얘기
08. 자신에게도 축복받지 못한
09. 너에게 닿기를
10. 꽃이다
11. Tomboi (feat. Lovey)
12. 평범한 그대
13. 또 다시 너에게로 (Outro)


  • Dodo

    Thank you so much!!!
    Your site is the only one that put an accent even on the quality of the file.

  • Hmm mp3 files seem to be corrupt. Please re-upload if you get the chance. (Incorrect Syntax)

  • janers

    thanks for 320! i love alex!

  • matsu

    taking this, thank you ^^

  • ZenMiyo

    Thanks so much for sharing. Really like Alex!

  • kyoung

    Alex… epitome of cool.

  • xinhui

    thks a lot!! finally a 2nd album from him:)

  • i freaking love this site 😀 thanks for all the hard work

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    thanks a lot! 😀

  • Rey

    Could you please re-upload it again?

  • jjung

    could you please re-upload? :3

    • bingyang

      re-uploaded ^^