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[Album] Chae Dong Ha (ex SG Wannabe) – Essay (1st solo Album)


채동하 – Essay
Release Date: 2009.11.10
Genre: Ballad
Bit rate: 320kbps
Finally he’s back with his 1st solo album. “He collaborated with hit-making producer-composer Cho Young Soo. Chae’s first solo album offers emotional tracks reflecting on his feelings and experiences after leaving SG Wannabe” -yesasia-
Leave a comment to let me know how you feel after listening to these songs cause I really LOVE this album.

01 고마워 (Intro) / Thank you
02 너라서 사랑해 / I Love You because It’s you
03 심장이 하는일 / What the Heart does
04 사랑=타이밍 / Love=Timing
05 How can I forget (There’s no other person… second)
06 Goodbye Fool
07 15 Years Ago, Today (Interlude)
08 Mind, Love and Tears.
09 I Only See You
10 Young Love (Rock ver.)
11 I Love You because It’s You (Piano Ver.)
12 How can I forget (There’s no other person… second) (Piano Ver.)
thanks [email protected] for the translated tracklist.



  1. I actually love the intro. Listen to it and you will know why 🙂
    This album is AWESOME <3
    Although it reminds me the old SG Wannabe, I believe he will be success as a solo singer. His voice is so GOOD

  2. Thanks for sharing. Even though I like the new SG wannabe too, I miss their old style of music and Dong Ha! I will definitely let you know how I feel about this album (if I can remember, lol)^^

    • I am listening to it right now, and yes, the album's really good. There is only one song that I'm not fond of. Young Love – Rock Ver. Only because Young Love is one of my favorite songs by SG Wannabe and it seems weird to hear this version of it. But all the other songs are nice and yes, I love the intro too. I really like the piano versions too. Dong-Ha's voice is so good and full of emotion. Even though it's sad that he's not part of SG Wannabe anymore, I think he will shine bright as a solo artist.

      By the way, I heard from somewhere that this is actually his second solo album. Didn't he also have a solo album before he debuted as SG Wannabe? But I think that one didn't do too well. =(

  3. omg. hes finally back!!!
    hes the only reason why i liked sg's songs.
    since he left i havnt been really paying attention to them @@

    but yay. thanks for sharing this.


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