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[Album] Code-V – Honestly


코드브이 – Honestly
Release Date: 2011.05.23
Genre: Dance
Bit rate: Real 320kbps

01. 솔직히 말할게
02. Go!
03. Summer Love
04. Miracle
05. 중독
06. 내가 더 슬퍼
07. 지금 만나러 간다
08. 화해하지 말아요
09. 중독 (Remix)
10. 솔직히 말할께 (Inst.)
11. Go! (Inst.)

MF | MirrorCreator | Mega


  1. PLEASE re-upload this! I can't find a real 320kbps version of this anywhere. It's supposed to be ~93MB, but most of them say they are 320kbps but turn out to be 71MB.

  2. Many thanks for the re-upload! I was really looking forward to using MEGA, but it needed a decryption key 🙁 I used MirrorCreator instead.

    Incidentally, what was the decryption key?

    • This is nothing big, but the title for track 8 is supposed to be 화해하지 말아요. The title tag of the file in the download is missing the first character.

    • I should include key in the link LOL It's kinda long diUkglt4Wy-hSLF58gv5-wLE2W1lgGPr4GikOfEaxEI

      About tagging in the file, thanks for letting me know. Just notice that the post also misses the first letter in track 8's name. Fixed it.


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