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[Album] Gavy NJ Vol.3 – The Beginning


가비엔제이(Gavy NJ) – The Beginning
Release Date: 2008.05.26
Genre/Style: Ballad, R&B
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Rate (Mel0n): 4.6/5 (749 votes)

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Best album from Gavy NJ so far 😀
I really really enjoyed this album and it shows because i kept repeating their songs again and again on my ipod. Tracks 1,2,3,4,9, and 12 stood out the most for me…that’s almost the whole album lol
anyways, i would really RECOMMEND this to K-pop lovers who are into pop/R&B ballads. Seriously, it is totally worth every cent!
btw, Gavy NJ is so underrated so I’m hoping they’ll get more support
-Kim from yesasia

01. Lie
02. Blue (feat. Mario)
03. 사랑같은건 없나봐 (MBC ‘우결’ 이휘재, 조여..
04. 흔들흔들
05. Starlight
06. 바보
07. The Beginning
08. Payback (feat. Carlos)
09. 눈물비
10. 여우의 일기
11. 모르니
12. 바이올렛 (너의 노래)

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