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[Album] Hey – vol.2 Piece Of My Wish


해이 (Hey) – 2집 Piece Of My Wish
Release Date: 2003.10.28
Genre/Style: Ballad
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.8/5 (353 votes)

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01. 아프죠 (Hurts)
02. Piece Of My Wish *
03. Kiss Kiss Kiss
04. Une Dance
05. 말해줄래요 (Can You Tell Me?)
06. 해이(解離) (Hey)
07. Eve
08. Coffeetalgia (duet with 성시경(Sung Si Kyung))
09. 우중행(雨中行)
10. …
11. 나 결혼해요 (I’m Getting Married) (duet with 윤종신(Yoon Jong Shin))
12. 혼자 놀기 (Play Alone)
13. 미술관 앞길 (In Front Of The Art Museum)
14. 그 사람을 위해 네 목소리를 버릴 수 있니? (Can You Throw Away Your Voice For That Person?)
15. 인어공주 (The Little Mermaid)
16. 혼자 걷는 길 (Walk Alone On The Road)

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  1. i have finally got the discography of hey because of your site and your awesomeness! props! in a day thats getting harder and harder to find things that are older its great to know great music is still being circulated thru the web!


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