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[Album] I (아이) vol.1 – Soul Mate


Ablum: vol.1 – Soul Mate
Artist: I (아이)
Release date: 2007.03.15
Genre: Ballad
Mardi09 requested

01. 한사람
02. 습관
03. 이별을 말하다
04. Don’t say good bye
05. 후유증
06. 그대를 사랑한단 말
07. First Love
08. 사랑을 쏘다
09. 자꾸만
10. 이보다 더 좋을 순 없다
11. 하루씩 더 바랍니다
12. 그래도 될까
13. 떠나지 말아요
14. 안녕(remake)
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  1. Thank you that you've informed me 🙂
    I've seen this site before with many links he's taken from my blog.

    cause I'm very busy that time so do not contact him ^^" So bad that he's not stopped it. Do you know how to I contact that admin's site?

  2. ohh, so he had done it before 👿
    in his site, he just said that people can contact them by leaving a comment or join their Facebook community : http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#/group.php?gid=9
    But u should have a facebook account to be able to comment in there.
    Anyway, I'm not sure if your comment in there will change anything, since he can easily remove it, like he did with asti2005's comments in his site.
    So my suggestion if u have ability of hacking or know who can do that, hack his site is a good option :mrgreen:

  3. Apart from my blog, he also take links from other places. I've though as you that he maybe will remove my comment easily 🙂

    Most of my files be named with bingyang.co.cc, so if someone downloaded will know it's from this site. I hope that a true Kpop fan will not support that stealing site.

    I've a facebook account but no use anymore and don't wanna join his group just to leave a comment and maybe be deleted 😐

    thanks for your suggestion. If I hacked his site, there would be someone hacked my site, too :mrgreen:


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