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[Album] Infinite Flow (IF) – More Than Music


Infinite Flow (IF) – More Than Music
Release Date: 2006.11.28
Genre/Style: Rap/Hip-Hop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.8/5 (417 votes)

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Infinite Flow consisted of members Bizniz and Nuck(넋업샨) until their disbandment in 2007. Bizniz is pursuing his solo career and Nuck is a member of hip-hop group Soul Dive.

01. 낙서
02. Dreamin’
03. 기념일 (Feat. Amin J)
04. 댄스 댄스 댄스 *
05. Art & Fear (Feat. Junggigo)
06. Why (Dialogue : Chapter3)
07. 연금술사 (Feat. Kebee, Paloalto)
08. 이상해? (Feat. Outsider)
09. 어깨동무
10. Rainbow (Feat. Tablo, JW)
11. N.I.C.E (Nothing Is Cool Enough) (Feat. Epik High, Jinbo)
12. Bed Scene (Feat. Verbal Jint)
13. You Don’t Care (Feat. Itta, Junggigo)
14. Good Night
15. Hip Hop For Respect (Feat. Verbal Jint, 각나그네, TBNY, Vasco, Simon Dominic, Garion, DOK2, sean2slow, MC성천)

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