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[Album] Jaurim – Ruby Sapphire Diamond


자우림 (Jaurim) – Ruby Sapphire Diamond
Release Date: 2008.06.09
Genre: Indie, Rock
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.7/5 (1,167 votes)

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01. Oh, Honey!
02. 幸福(행복)한 王子(왕자)
03. Something Good
04. Drops
05. 20세기 소년소녀
06. 반딧불
07. Carnival Amour *
08. Love Rock`N Roll
09. 27
10. 옛날
11. The Devil
12. Poor Tom
13. Blue Marble

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    • Hm, I downloaded the file just now. It seems to be working fine.. Maybe trying it again after refreshing? Let me know if you still have problems with it~


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