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[Album] Joe Brown Vol. 1 – Me, Myself & I


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조 브라운 (Joe Brown) Vol. 1 – Me, Myself & I
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Bit rate: 320 kbps
Rating (Mel0n): 4.5/5 (161 votes)
*The album is pretty nice.

01. Me, Myself & I
02. I Can’t Move
03. You Are My Dream (Feat. 데이브레이크)
04. Run (Feat. J’Kyun, Maboos)
05. Chillin’ (Feat. 보영, 카를로스)
06. Clap To This (Feat. 제이 도그 of Rhymebus)
07. 바라지 않았어 (Feat.언터쳐블)
08. Give Me A Sign (feat. Elly)
09. 단 하루만
10. 랄랄랄라 (Feat.Jazzy Ivy)
11. Your Body (Feat. 보영)
12. 나는 괜찮아 (Feat. 길미,Basick)
13. Nu Leaders (Feat. JJK, Dead’P, Deepflow, Huck-P, Dragon A-T, Benzino, 화나, Kirbytrap)

Individual songs: 4shared


  1. AHH IM SO SAD! i can't open .rar files.
    i heard the songs and they are really GOOD.
    bleh. its okay i'll wait for my other person to upload it heh

  2. oh THANK YOU1
    you really didn't have to, i could've waited for someone else to.. there's this other website that i go to , you see but thanks so much for your trouble (:
    and that was really fast btw

  3. ermm sorry to bother you again but idk it hink there's something wrong with track 7? because it won't play and i can't download it.. = same with track 3..


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