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[Album] KCM Vol.5 – Alone (Part.1)


케이씨엠(KCM) – Alone (Part 1)
Release Date: 2009.11.17
Genre: Ballad
Bit rate: 320kbps
Balladeer KCM returns with Alone, the first part of his latest 2-part album. Not only did he write and compose all five songs on the mini-album, he also took care of the production. Supporting him on the anticipated new release are friends Kim Tae Woo, Park Ji Heon from V.O.S, and singer/actress Nam Gyu Ri. -yesasia-
Sylvia requested.

01 Intro
02 하루가 / One day
03 모래시계
04 Promise To You
05 앙꼬와 찐빵 (feat. 조조/ Jojo)
06 모래시계 (Piano ver.)
07 눈을 감아도 귀를 닫아도 입을 막아도
08 Outro
09 하루가 (inst)
10 모래시계 (inst.)
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