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[Album] Kim Dong Ryul, Lee Sang Soon (Verandah Project) – Day Off


김동률, 이상순 (베란다 프로젝트) – Day Off
Release date: 2010.05.18
Genre: Ballad
Bit rate: 320kbps (from FLAC)
Ryan‘ requested

01. Bike riding
02. 벌써 해가 지네
03. 어쩐지
04. Train
05. 기필코
06. 꽃 파는 처녀
07. 단꿈
08. Good bye
09. 괜찮아
10. 산행 (山行)


  1. Would be great if you changed the title of the post, cuz it's not Leessang who's in the album, but Lee Sang Soon. I downloaded cuz I thought collab was between Leessang and Kim Dong Ryul and it would be cool, but still, the album is nice. Thanks!

  2. please re-upload coz megaupload is not available anymore to download…T_T

    thank u very much XD

    Kim Dong Ryul is amazing XDD


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