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[Album] Lee Seung Gi – The Best


이승기 – Lee Seung Gi `The Best`
Release Date: 2012.04.18
Genre: Ballad, Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rate (Melon): 4.2/5 (681 votes)

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01. 내 여자라니까 (Because You’re My Woman)
02. 착한 거짓말 (White Lie)
03. 다줄꺼야 (I’ll Give You Everything)
04. 사랑이 술을 가르쳐 (Love Taught Me To Drink) (Feat. 백찬 of 8eight)
05. 결혼해 줄래 (Will You Marry Me?) (Feat. BIZNIZ)
06. 처음처럼 그때처럼 (Just Like The First Time) (Feat. 강민경 of Davichi)
07. 하기 힘든 말 (Words That Are Hard To Say)
08. 제발 (Please)
09. 아직 못 다한 이야기 (Stories Yet To Tell)
10. 삭제 (Delete)
11. Smile Boy 2010
12. 입모양 (Shape Of Your Lips)
13. 우리 헤어지자 (Let’s Break Up)
14. 정신이 나갔었나봐 (Losing My Mind)
15. 여행을 떠나요 (Let’s Go On A Vacation)



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