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[Album] MPEG – MPEG Project 1


엠펙(MPEG) – Mpeg Project 1
Released: 2010.01.06
Genre: Blues
Bit rate: 192 kbps
Mardi requested.
Just found it today. I’ve found another in 320k but the link died. When I ask the uploader for re-uploading, he had deleted it T^T

1 MPEG 1st
2 가시나 (Feat.성지혜,Big Shot)
3 이런 날이 참 좋아 (Feat.성지혜)
4 언제라도 전화해요 (Feat.K.Bin)
5 분홍돌고래 (Feat.정다은)
6 Rainy winter
7 너란 옷을 입고 사는 일 (Feat.조연경)
8 Let’s Make Love (Feat.김광훈,안태현)
9 놓아주는 날 (Feat.서준)
10 I Will Love With U
11 가시나(MR)
12 이런 날이 참 좋아(MR)
13 분홍돌고래(MR)
14 너란 옷을 입고 사는 일(MR)
15 Let’s Make Love(MR)


  1. Does it sound good for you? The spectrum is not high at all.
    At least, you don't need to sample on Mnet anymore.

    I've tried the album. Most of the songs are very good ^^

    • well, like i told you before….i don't mind much about the quality…though I'm starting to since I've downloaded here and there from Mnet but it's good enough ^_^


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