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[Album] Mystic Puzzle – Mystic Puzzle Land


미스틱 퍼즐 (Mystic Puzzle) – Mystic Puzzle Land
Release Date: 2008.01.16
Genre/Style: Electronica
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.7/5 (129 votes)

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01. Souvenir (Intro)
02. Love Train
03. A Fairy Tale (Feat. Epik High)
04. 그런 얘기… (Such A Story…) (Feat. 개리(Gary))
05. Newness (Feat. Addsp2ch, 넋업샨(Nuck))
06. 소년의 꿈 (A Boy’s Dream)
07. 그 때, 그 날처럼 (At That Time, That Day) *
08. 숨 (Breath) (Interlude)
09. Mystic Puzzle (Feat. TBNY)
10. 달이 지다. (The Moon Passed.)
11. Confession (Feat. Jiae)
12. Ready For Flight (Flight Voyage Intro)
13. Flight Voyage
14. Enigmatic Life (Feat. MYK)
15. Reaching For The Dream (Outro)

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