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[Album] Orifeeling Vol.4 – Hall Of Fame


오리필링(ORIFEEL…ING) 4집 – Hall Of Fame
Release date: 2010.07.06
Genre: Hip-hop/ Indie
Bit rate: VBR 192kbps

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01. 그립다 너를 그린다 – Repus Meti, MK
02. 멈출 수 있다면 사랑이 아니다 – 새암,Repus Meti
03. 붙잡고도 – 기은, 새암, Repus Meti, Roy C., 캐논, FabulAS, SINABRO, MK
04. 기다릴게 – Jez, 새암
05. 이별이 백개라면 – 기은, MK
06. 도약 – L juN, MK, 새암, 천둥, 캐논, Repus Meti, Roy C.
07. 너인가봐 – Jez, MK
08. 이해 안돼 (Summer Special) – The Gagle
09. OK 2010 – Repus Meti, MK, 새암, Roy C.
10. 열정 – L juN, Repus Meti, FabulAS, MK, ECS
credit: iDT


  1. Repus Meti is da shit man…

    didnt know they released an album 2 mth ago…

    i remembered their name fr the 2 songs

    Repus Meti & Canon – 에어컨송 (Feat.이성은)

    and Repus Meti 리퍼스 미티 – 선인장 꽃 (Feat. 배진숙)

  2. really didnt disappoint me… Repus meti production = good stuff

    i like song no. 1 3 4 5 7 10

    lol, not easy for any 1 album to make me pick so many songs fr it

  3. Damn! Thanks! Really appreciate this upload. I haven't really found a new source for K-Hiphop since z-degrees shut down, so I'm looking forward to more hiphop releases here. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks! I loved their 3.5 album a lot (got me interested enough that I tracked down their previous albums as well! ) so really excited for this one!


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