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[Album] PRIZMOLIQ – Zeitgeist


프리즈몰릭 – 시대정신
Release Date: 2013.12.16
Genre/Style: Rap / Hip-hop
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Rating(MelOn): 4.6/5 (160 votes)

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01 Breathe In
02 Inception (Feat. Esbee Tale)
03 The Show Is Mine (Feat. Nucksal & VEN)
04 Zerosum Game (Feat. Dead’P & DJ Tiz)
05 Money Talks
06 보통의 존재 (Feat. Jerry.K)
07 누구보다 행복하게 (Feat. Kebee & EachONE)
08 연애의 온도 (Feat. STi)
09 오아시스 (Feat. Mayson The Soul)
10 에이 씨 (Anti Complex)
11 23 (Respect For) (Feat. DJ Tiz)
12 因果律 (인과율) (Feat. Deepflow)
13 Amen (Feat. ex8er)
14 죄인들 (Feat. Huckleberry P, Esbee Tale)
15 Just Celebrate (Feat. Samuel Seo)
16 그 여자 (Feat. 김하나)
17 Lonely Music

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