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[Album] SHINee – Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions Of Me [The 3rd Album Chapter 2]


샤이니 – SHINee The 3rd Album Chapter 2. `Why So Serious?
Release Date: 2013.04.26
Genre/Style: Dance, Ballad
Bit Rate: 320kbps
Rating(MelOn): 4.4/5(2,140 votes)

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01 Nightmare
02 Why So Serious?
03 SHINe (Medusa Ⅰ)
04 오르골 (Orgel)
05 Dangerous (Medusa Ⅱ)
06 Like A Fire
07 Excuse Me Miss
08 Evil
09 떠나지 못해 (Sleepless Night)

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  1. Thank you very-very-very much *–* SHINee is my favourite, and ahhhhh I just watched the MV a minute ago.. pure perfection (but sure I miss Jjong ;-;) he could be the policeman.. and so.. the album is amazing as well ^^


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