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[Album] Swings Vol.1 – Growing Pains


스윙스(Swings) – Growning Pains
Released: 2010.03.11
Genre: Hip-hop, Indie
Bit rate: 320 kbps
kikkikillol requested.

01. 내파요법 (Implosion Therapy)
02. Feel Me
03. 나한테 그러지 마 (feat. The Quiett)
04. Grow Up (feat. 단아)
05. 대충 이런 간지 (feat. Beatbox DG)
06. Keep It Fresh
07. 다 똑같아
08. Would You Still Love Me
09. Femme Fatale (feat. Tyra, Beenzino)
10. Normal (feat. Rimi)
11. 고마워
12. Real Hip Hop (feat. Beat Box Ami)
13. Swings Talking (Skit)
14. 내가 최고야


  • mardi09

    hip hop and indie? hm….sounds interesting XD will definitely give it a try ^^

  • Dnzo

    swings was hiphop AND indie??? okay thats a bit weird lol

  • Tina

    In this case, doesn't Indie just mean independent music, as in not a major commercial label? Well, I don't know of this group so I'll give it a try. thanks!

  • hileyyy

    update mirror please

    • bingyang

      links are re-uploaded ^^