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    Thank You~~

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    Welcome! Emm, may be bing yang will update for 320kbps, so everyone can alsio wait for 320kbps ones! This 192kbps is leak from JPopsuki there. THX!

    • Elle

      oh. okay, no wonder kevin tweet that their 5th mini album 'Bran New Kiss' will release online at 12am

  • 기묘사화

    님 한국인이세요? 그러면 천지희락 최신앨범이랑 이유나 PLAN ♥ (Single) 앨범좀 업로드좀 해주세요~ ㅠ.ㅠ 인디에도 관심좀 가져주세요;

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    Waiting for 320kps version!
    Thanks a lot!

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    Thanks! Pretty nice album!

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  • Fix the link please. Sorry… I'm new to them and trying to get their discography to listen to.

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    Can you re-upload this,please? Thank you!