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[Album] Winterplay – Hot summerplay


윈터 플레이 (Winterplay) – Hot Summerplay
Release Date: 2009.07.01
Genre/Style: Jazz
Bit rate: 192kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.8/5 (165 votes)

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Jazz pop quartet Winterplay released a “special summer album” called Hot Summerplay July 2. The title track, Gypsy Girl, is used in the promotion of Ogamdo/Five Senses of Eros (오감도) that opens on Korean theaters July 9 [teaser vid]. The 11 track album also includes a cover of Roy Orbison’s You Got It, and a jazz take on the Michael Jackson classic Billie Jean. – helikoppter

01. Cha Cha
02. Crazy Love
03. Gypsy Girl
04. Dream Street (꿈에서 본 거리)
05. On Sunday
06. I’ve Been A Bad Girl
07. Billie Jean
08. Scandalizing Me
09. 너의 기억만으로
10. You Got It
11. Summer Blues


  • Haejin

    I love winterplay…
    Thanks a lot for sharing this one ^^

  • Haejin

    I love winterplay…
    Thanks a lot for sharing this one ^^

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  • Winterplay is awesome~
    their jazzy feel to their music makes them so nice.
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    i never heard of this group, from the comments they sounds good
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    Many many thanks! Really love this group! They are starting the Hallyu Jazz wave!

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