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We will continue re-uploading files and keep the new ones coming.
Thanks everyone for supporting Kpop Explorer! You guys are awesome (:

UPDATE!: All of namyoun’s files have been re-uploaded so far!

Thanks for your patience! We will continue re-uploading.

UPDATE 3/17/12:
Both namyoun and kpop explorer’s accounts have been suspended. Again, the links will be re-uploaded as soon as possible~ Thanks for all your patience! Also, we will keep everyone updated on our facebook page. You can check there to see what files have been re-uped.

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know what’s currently going on with my (namyoun) files.
Unfortunately, my mediafire account has been suspended 🙁 .
I’ll be re-uploading all my files. I’ll try to do them as fast and as much as possible. So please bear with me~ I’m really sorry for the inconveniences. thanks. -namyoun