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[Announcement] Request page is closed~


Due to our busy lives, we are unable to fulfill every request now. The sad news is we have to close the request page 🙁

From now on,

  • For albums with dead links, please simply leave a comment in that post, we will try our best to re-upload it.
  • For new album which has not been uploaded on the site and you would like to request, we will try to fulfill at least two requests every week at the weekend. For interaction & engagement purpose, this will be conducted on our Facebook page. More information about this will be given later.
  • Thank you for your attention. Kindly comment here if you have any further query.

    Have a nice weekend,


    1. It’s okay, we understand. I’m really thankful that you’re still providing some good music for us. Thank you for your hard works, and for sparing time for uploading our requests! 🙂


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