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As we’ve mentioned, we use adf.ly to gain money for purchasing music and paying the hosting. Recently, Adblock has blocked the ‘Skip Ad’ button. So when you access adf link, please temporarily Disable Adblock/ only disable Adblock on j.gs.

1. Go to one of our j.gs link. It will first lead you to a blank page.
2. Click on your Adblock icon at the bottom left/top right (depends on your browser)
3. Choose Disable on j.gs and then refresh the page (F5).
4. After wait 5s, Skip Ad will appear and you can download

Thanks for your attention and support.

  • Yoonbin

    OMG YES! You guys are back! I'm so happy I could cry… T_T

    I was so incredibly sad when the other site go shut down. And there was no way for me to contact any of you to see if you were going to make a new one. I'm so glad I've always been leaving comments so you guys contact me instead with this new site.

    Forever supporting bingyang and the team! <3

    kpopexplorer FIGHTING!!!

  • Yoonbin

    Wait now I'm confused. Just looked back and everything is basically still there and there's continuously been new updates. So the site didn't get shut down? What actually happened here?

    • bingyang

      It's been shut down but luckily, we've backup everything from the old site and put them here 😀

      • Yoonbin

        Oh okay haha…then YAY for backups! 🙂