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For info on 유승준 (Yoo Seung Jun), check out allkpop’s Way Back Wednesday segment on him!
“Way Back Wednesday: Yoo Seung Jun”

유승준 (Yoo Seung Jun): 1997-2002, 2006-present

Yoo Seung Jun & Jackie Chan (:

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Uploaded by: namyoun
*Future albums will be posted as individual posts.

유승준 1집 – West Side
Release Date: 1997.03
Genre/Style: Dance
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.5/5 (316 votes)

01. Intro
02. 마지막 여행 (Narr. 정재영)
04. 가위 *
05. 혼자남은 나
06. 사랑해 누나 (Feat. 정재영)
07. 침흘리는 여자
09. 공전 그리고 일식
10. AHA
11. 사랑해 누나 (Remix)
12. 침 흘리는 여자 (Remix)

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유승준 2집 – For Sale
Release Date: 1998.05.01
Genre/Style: Dance
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.6/5 (366 votes)

01. 내가 기다린 사랑
02. 악마 (Change)
03. 용서
04. 나나나 *
05. 惡樂佳樂 (오락가락)
06. 아킬레스건
07. Exercise #1 (연습)
08. 니가 뭘 알아
09. 떠나가버려
10. Oh! Happy Day
11. 마녀사냥 (Feat. J)
12. Promise
13. 나나나 (Club Mix)
14. Exercise #1 (연습) (Remix)

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유승준 3집 – Now Or Never
Release Date: 1999.04.16
Genre/Style: Dance
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.8/5 (34 votes)

01. Remember Me?
02. 熱情(열정) *
03. Shut Up!
04. 부탁해 (Feat. 박정현)
05. 飛上(비상) (Feat. 이윤정)
06. 너는 나
07. My Story
08. 슬픈 침묵
09. 덫
10. To Be Continue

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유승준 3.5집 – New Release + English Version
Release Date: 1999.08.01
Genre/Style: Dance
Bit rate:
Rating (MelOn): 4.1/5 (14 votes)

01. Say You Will
02. Special Love *
03. West Side
04. The Way We Were (사랑해 누나)
05. Na Na Na
06. How Could You Know?
07. Night To Remember
08. Never Say Never (내가 기다린 사랑)
09. I’ll Still Be Here (가위)
10. Eternal Peace (슬픈 침묵)
11. Revolution

Will upload when I have it..

Release Date: 1999.05.01
Genre/Style: Dance
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.5/5 (155 votes)

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CD2 : MF | BoomUpload | 4shared

유승준 4집 – Over And Over
Release Date: 1999.12.10
Genre/Style: Dance
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.6/5 (32 votes)

01. Special Announcement For Year 2000
02. 비전(飛展)
03. Baby! Baby!
04. Party Time
05. IF
06. 소중한 사랑
07. 1995년 어느날
08. Why?
09. 연가(戀歌)
10. Memory
11. The War
12. 꿈을 위해
13. Best Day

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유승준 5집 – Summit Revival (고지탈환)
Release Date: 2000.11.23
Genre/Style: Dance
Bit rate: 192kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.4/5 (47 votes)

01. Big Shots: Summit Revival
02. 찾길 바래 (I Will Be Back) *
03. Forever
04. Soul
05. Baby Be Mine
06. 단 한번 만이라도…
07. 길… (The Way)
08. Tell Me (말해봐)
09. 어제 오늘 그리고…
10. One Fine Day
11. All For You
12. 지상에서 영원까지
13. Like Always (늘)
14. 변한게 하나 없는데…
15. Interlude
16. Throw Your Hands Up (너의 기준)

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유승준 6집 – Infinity
Release Date: 2001.09.01
Genre/Style: Dance
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.7/5 (55 votes)

01. Wow (Ver. 2)
02. Key *
03. My Baby
04. U’ll Be Mine
05. Westside Family
06. 슬픈 자유
07. No More
08. Kitty Cat
09. 선택은 하나
10. 성원
11. Good Fellas (좋은 친구들)
12. Wow (Ver. 1)
13. 소중한 고백
14. Hidden (찬송가)

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유승준 7집 – Rebirth of YSJ
Release Date: 2007.09.18
Genre/Style: Rap/Hip-Hop
Bit rate: 192kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.2/5 (1,683 votes)

01. Rebirth Of YSJ
02. My World ; 巨人(거인) *
03. 6 In The Morning (Feat. $uPaCooL)
04. Radio (Interlude)
05. Radio (Feat. 후니훈, H-유진, 장근 Of Supasta)
06. Baby Talk 2 me (Feat. 허인창, 이민영)
07. 잊지못해서 ; Missing U (Feat. 박진실)
08. Breakin’ love (Feat. $uPaCooL)
09. 후.애. (後.愛.)
10. One For Me (Feat. Yumi Cha)
11. 불꽃

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  1. WOW!!!! Couldn't even imagine that you knew yoo seung jun moreover got his albums 😀 Thank you so so much for this, have been looking for almost 4 months for his stuff then i just gave up and now suddenly i checked the compilations and BOOM it was there 😀 So many awesome compilations, can't even describe how grateful i am 🙂

      • Wow, awesome 🙂 You cant even imagine how jealous i am 😀 90s was an awesome era….. Not only for kpop with so many great artists like h.o.t,sechskies etc(btw yoo seung jun is the only solo singer i love,im more into kpop bands :D) but for every kind of music ;p Would have liked to experience it but i just was too little to know anything ;p Once again thank you so much for the awesome compilations you provide us with <3

    • yea, you can read about it at allkpop’s Way Back Wednesday segment. his career was booming and then the controversy with the army crushed his singing career in korea. it's sad to see that happen to him back then. I think it's about time for the korean government to let him back into the country. it's awesome that he's rising up with his acting in china though (:

  2. he had some issue and he got banished from the country. but he might have his own problem also about that. i do not blame him

  3. sooo thankful for this. i've been able to download some of his music, but not entire albums, especially the live concert. Steve was one of a kind and regardless of his past actions, he is a pioneer that helped K-Pop become what it is today. Once again, thanks so much!


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