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.After one day sharing video, no one else seems interested in my post T^T

Most of my files are encoded from .TP [1920×1088].
My work is downloading . TP, encoding to .AVI/.MKV [1280×720], then uploading it :mrgreen:

Currently, I’m sharing my files in some forum. When I post in my blog,  I need to re-uploaded it again. Cause posting in forum need add credit in your uploading files like [forum’s name].

I just share performance here if someone would like to download. I must spend much time on it, but no comment (1 or 2 comments per post) TT TT

.I’ve heard from soompi forum that it will be a new law in South Korea (can read here)
Someone has discussed this problem in my sharing forum, and the moderator said that it would have any influence to their forum in a short time at least.

Do you know when the law will affect? Should I stop sharing performance in this blog cause no one need it ?  🙁


  1. Are you sharing your performances in other forums? If yes, maybe you can just give us the links of the forum instead of uploading the files again here… ^ ^
    Like Nxkyuubi said, just post whenever you feel like it…
    I already feel really thankful for knowing this blog….

    Anyway, about the copyright law….I also read the possibility of that law in soompi..
    I don't know any detail about it since I'm not Korean, but I really hope the rumor about how it can possibly shutting down some cafes and blogs wouldn't really happened…

  2. I visited alot of blogs ,forums shared korea music. But i think you're the one of the fastest uploader. Keep working ^^

  3. i really appreciate everything you do!!! i don't know how strict that law will be…kind of scary…but you're doing an amazing job and we're here cheering for you!!! yay!

  4. i.m agree with Nxkyuubi.. posting everything that do you like..
    you're the one of the fastest uploader.
    but sometimes, the size of file to big for me T___T
    can you make it under 100MB?? just my silly sugestion hehehe

  5. NOOOO!!!! I really LOVE your blog!
    And I really appreciate you uploading the HD/HQ files too^^
    since I love good quality stuff XD

    I agree with Nxkyuubi too^^
    Don't feel pressured to do this. Just do it whenever you feel like it^^

    Thank you heaps

  6. i think keeping the performances in one post is better. and uploading the ones people are after of course.

    about the "new law" i think no one has to be worried about that.
    its no different than the riaa etc in the u.s trying to stop piracy.
    besides it seems it only affects korean blogs/forums etc. like that will happen anyway.

  7. don't cancel this blog plzzzzzzzzzz
    i need it so much and this is one of the fastest blog i've ever seen.
    you can post anything that comes out right away lol
    ty for all ur hard work and don't pressure urself to do too much.
    we're content lol
    😛 8)

  8. Hi, sorry for late repsonse…..i like your blog very much and your blog is aWEsOme!!!

    Thank you VERY much for all the great albums & singles…Thx for keeping this site so up-to-date. hope you will continue with it. I really appreciate the effort and keep up the good work! ღ

  9. I'm just currently found out about your blog, and find it quite interesting and completed… It is well managed…I'm very much appreciates that you want to upload the HQ video file perf as not much people are willing to upload in those size… so don't worry, there are still lots of people cheers on your work.. just keep doing what you feel you like to do.. thanks for your time and keep up the good work.. ^^

  10. I think they're just cracking down on Korean sites like Clubbox.
    Plus the worst thing that can happen to you is they close down your blog.

  11. The law is already passed so it's just a matter of when the law will start targeting the blogs and such. I think you're fine the way you are because the Korean law is targeting the clubboxes and the people who upload the most anyway. But we really don't know what's going to happen and what will happen. Plus how much the law can affect us…that's unsure of too..

  12. exactly the point… you, working hard on this blog.. i mean wow! uploading the high definition videos and music stuff is really something, it will take you lots of time and effort.. you should at least be credited for your work or i think just a simple thank you will do. coz really not everyone is like you.., i mean (like me who's starting to get lazy to update the blog coz of the peepz who dont even spare time to say a simple thank you.. haha 🙄 ) i mean hey.. we bloggers also need a driving force to continue or should i say we need some psychological support.. haha 😆 😉

    About the law, i think this law will only be concentrated on Korean sites who offer illegal downloads.. don't ya think?!.. hahaha 😛 well i really hope so. since its a korean law anyway.. 😛

  13. I'm new to this blog, but I like your various output here! Especially I look for songs, because perf is often found elsewhere. Except all the Open Concert vids etc which isn't share unless there is some really popular artist there. Appreciate your share a lot, hope you continue sharing what u like!


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