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.After one day sharing video, no one else seems interested in my post T^T

Most of my files are encoded from .TP [1920×1088].
My work is downloading . TP, encoding to .AVI/.MKV [1280×720], then uploading it :mrgreen:

Currently, I’m sharing my files in some forum. When I post in my blog,  I need to re-uploaded it again. Cause posting in forum need add credit in your uploading files like [forum’s name].

I just share performance here if someone would like to download. I must spend much time on it, but no comment (1 or 2 comments per post) TT TT

.I’ve heard from soompi forum that it will be a new law in South Korea (can read here)
Someone has discussed this problem in my sharing forum, and the moderator said that it would have any influence to their forum in a short time at least.

Do you know when the law will affect? Should I stop sharing performance in this blog cause no one need it ?  🙁

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