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[Mini Album] BEAST – Ordinary


비스트 – Ordinary
Release Date: 2015.07.27
Genre/Style: Dance, Ballad, R&B / Soul, Rap / Hip-hop
Bit Rate: MP3 320kbps
Rating (Mel0n): 4.3/5 (31,106 votes)

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  • 예이 (YeY)
  • 일하러 가야 돼
  • 스위트 룸
  • 그곳에서
  • 가져가
  • Oh Honey
  • Individual link: 4shared
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    • minhoe

      i don’t wanna be rude but you could organize the albums a bit nicer. it’s kinda messy :/

      • It’s not rude but I don’t understand… care to explain what you mean by messy?

        • minhoe

          I know it takes lots of time but could you like put the names and titles right, also did you guys change the system? it used to be .rar and now it’s .zip (for mega) i don’t wanna tell you how to do the job so sorry for nagging :/

          • All the names and tags are according to mel0n, I just downloaded it and all the tracks were OK. If this happens with ZIP then I’ll use RAR from now on. Have you experienced this with other files? And only with mega or does it happen with MF/4S too? All the metadata is always included, but it might be changed to other characters in the uploading process by the hosting service.

            • minhoe

              i have experienced it with other files too, yes, but it’s alright. i only use mega so i don’t know if mf and 4s have the same issue, sorry and thank you~

            • Don’t be sorry, I’ll take it into consideration for future uploads. Thanks for the feedback ^^

    • Sydney Walker

      I had that problem once before where not all the songs matched up to the title. But, luckily I was able to find the right title to the song by going elsewhere. I agree with having not only having a zip file, but also rar as well. Just Saying

      • thariamon

        It would be good that you let us know when you find one of these mistakes in the future 🙂 From today on, I’ll be using rar. Thanks!