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태양을 삼켜라 (SBS 수목드라마) – Full Album (20 tracks)
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Lovers in Prague and Sorry, I Love You music director Choi Sung Wook was in charge of the music for Swallow the Sun. SM Entertainment’s underrated K-rock band TRAX formed a project group with Air to sing Swallow the Sun’s main theme “Voice” (Track 2) and ending theme “Fate” (Track 1). Drama OST regular HowL and popular group Gavy NJ also participated in the soundtrack.

01. 운 명; Fate (TRAX +Air)
02. 목소리; Voice (TRAX +Air)
03. 애 루 (지 타; Ji Tae)
04. 그 자리에; In place (TRAX +Air)
( 01 – 04 )

05. 그대 없이 좋은날; Day without you (가비엔제이; Gavy NJ)
06. 울지마요; Do not cry (HowL)
07. 꿈의 조각; A piece of a dream (이 지; EG)
08. 사랑해서 그래; It’s love (Soul Verry)
( 05 – 08 )

09. 태양을 삼켜라; Swallow The Sun (Title)
10. 떠오르는 태양 (Rising sun)
11. 그림자 (Tension theme)
12. 첫만남 (Zune classic)
13. Bohemian waltz (Bohemian waltz)
14. 도망자 (Zune rock)
15. 이별뒤에 (Forward march)
16. 밤 하늘에 (Night TP)
17. 태양을 삼켜라 (Title slow)
18. 후회 (Tension for hope)
19. 남자 이야기 (Russian)
20. 마지막 인사 (Title 2 AP)
( 09 – 20 )

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