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Hey guys~

I have been wanted to get a new theme for the site so long. But due to a limited budget, I need to consider carefully which theme I should purchase. And I have no idea so asking help here :(( I would like to use a theme with these following features:

  • Support mobile (Responsive)*
  • Support Disqus*
  • Support bbpress forum*
  • Can add featured post (a slider will be nice)
  • Grid view (or at least can use thumbnails for post), two columns, one right/left sidebar*
  • Upcoming event feature
  • Soundloud support
  • Fast loading speed*

*Most wanted.

Consider buying from one of these theme providers:

If you know any WordPress theme that you think suitable for Kpop Explorer. Please recommend one. Or you are a theme designer and want to help? Do not hesitate to contact us. Appreciate your helps and supports.

Thanks for being with us~

Updated: list of theme providers.


  1. awesome. thanks for the chance for us to choose.
    I’m not an avid wordpress user, and do not know about the other requirement, so I picked some from the link you gave – ranked according to what I think is good for the site.
    http://www.elegantthemes.com/demo/?theme=Notebook – this is the best, clean, simple, straightforward

    http://www.elegantthemes.com/demo/?theme=DelicateNews – can pin featured albums etc, hot albums, announcements (offers a lot of spaces to put things)
    http://www.elegantthemes.com/demo/?theme=ePhoto – simple, at a glance all the latest posts, scrolling featured posts, (offers a lot of spaces at the bottom to put things)

    http://www.elegantthemes.com/demo/?theme=Simplism – simple, lesser functionality

  2. Hi Kpop XP. Wow, choosing a theme for blog is like choosing life-partner. I have been in the confused position like this. I though the themes in Elegant Themes quite good. But, i recommend http://www.my.studiopress.com the price is more expensive, but it’s really catchy & flashy for the readers.. The themes that seems great for you (in my opinion) :

  3. OH MY GOD IT BE SO EXPENSIVE O_O whoa feel all special you’re forking out so much to want to make it better for everyone >_< but mm i dont know much about web design choosing but mm i like the one on aichuun.com where they have a some shortcut thingy on the album art to make it hotlink to a youtube video of a song in the album that just pops up! thought that was always cool but like the ratings you put on stuff here off melon..so like a mix between both would be heaven regardless of layout! but mm think cos its a music thing people would wanna be able to see more and just click and choose type thing =/ like not ridiculously jampacked but like the hoarder theme you had last time ^^ but mm reckon a photography suited one would be best or like even this http://www.elegantthemes.com/demo/?theme=Notebook ^^ ..but haha it be your site and we'll always come sooo its up to you in the end i say ^^~ if youre content we all be content HAHA

  4. Don’t know why you deleted my suggestion of creating a method to allow users to make donations. I’m sure everyone including myself appreciates your efforts and would be more than happy to contribute a donation to help offset your costs.

    • Sorry, but I did not remove any comment with that suggestion. By the way, where did you make the suggestion? Sorry again this happens to you. I just want to make sure that we appreciate any idea contributed to this site and never delete such ideas.

      • Sorry. Maybe there was another identical posting previously that I posted in? I posted right around when you first posted this. But I was suggesting maybe Paypal or some other method where you can accept donations. I really appreciate your work and have been a user for years. Hopefully others feel the same way about helping. 🙂

        • We gain some money now from using adf.ly links, Yesasia/Yesstyle affiliates and putting ads.

          Putting a donation button on the site is a good idea. But we are afraid of putting ads and donation button at the same time might get people feel uncomfortable with. So we need to consider carefully about it first.

          Thank you for your suggestion.

          • That makes sense. But personally I wouldn’t be bothered at all by a donation button since it will help keep the site running. The site and theme upgrade seems pricey.
            Thanks for keeping the site running.

  5. Having dubbed in freelance for a short while before, personally I feel that support of the template vendor (or having a active forum) is also important, especially if you are not well versed in web development.


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